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Here you will find the most extensive informaiton about playing with Hot Wax

This website is dedicated to waxplay nothing more and nothing less.

Within these pixels you will find most useful information, with useful and informative references, as to where the information came from.

To dispell facts from myths, it reminds me of that childhood game telephone, where one person would say something, and by the time it got around the room it was completely different. Only difference is people are swearing by these 'facts'.

Yes I decided to add my website link for those looking to buy wax play candles/ melting pot wax, what self respecting candle maker wouldn't? Funny thing is this was an after thought, as its not the purpose of this site.

Pictures... ahhh need I say more they are to feed our hunger for visual effects. Send me your pictures be over 18 and I'll gladly post them. See how simple that is.

Got a waxplay fact or myth you want us to explore? Send us a email, we will do that.

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